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About joelle and vedic astrology

My passion is Vjoelle_headshotedic Astrology and has been the focus of much study for years.  Vedic Astrology combines the best of several worlds, offering insight into your karma (choices, really) in conjunction with the native planetary dispositions within the constellations, and at precise moments in time and places according to your birth.

You are the distinctive physical presence and reflection of a greater “soul” in a world of souls – past, present, and future.  It’s kind of like gardening – – season-specific, if you get what I mean.  Seasons change, climates converge, soil conditions vary.  You grow, you change.  But do you understand the specific dynamic of your life?  You are the bearer of the place and time of your life, the direct beneficiary of specific universal influences, the choices both intentional and not, that can make a life either a burden or a pleasure.

My Mission As Your Astrologer

You are one-of-a-kind, someone unique, gifted with a single imprint on the planet, living within the lifespan you’ve been given, along with billions of others.  And there is a legacy to bear – your karma – the actions in life you choose that result from the very unique energies that enlivened  your birth, the influences of your upbringing, intelligence and perceptions, place in the world.  But nothing is etched in stone.  Given the so-called “limitations” you might think fix you to a certain path, there are many and varied choices, often better choices, you can make in your life.  Understanding the power of both the influence of your past, and the dynamic and informed strength of a future you have so much control over, can bring peace-of-mind, perhaps even serenity.  But the path to this may not be an easy one.  Let’s work together to navigate your life from birth and your life to date, and toward growth.